Monday, July 10, 2006 

Yippy We Got Listed On Global Voices -Its Time We All Did The 'Lean With It' Dance

Thanks to everyone who sent me the link to the article that made reference to the site on Global voices,we all appreciated it.Makes all of this all worthwhile.

If you havent seen it here it is again-Generation Nubian

We have all been busy especially in the last few weeks with the world cup and yes chics totally love soccer as well. So If i havent said it already belated fourth of July greetings to the tens of thousands of readers that have passed throught the site since its inception.

We trully apprecite you spending the minutes you do every night on the site.

P.S Huge Thanks to Obi from south London for always showing the site Crazy Love through the comment page.Your words have never gone unnoticed .Your definately a guaranteed hit with the ladies over here.


Oluchi On The Cover OF True Love West Africa

This is preety old stuff but am posting it anyway,its the Ist face of Africa Oluchi rocking the Cover Of True Love Magazine West Africa.She looks really gorgeous in the white corsette,and the open lipped look definately does it for me.

P.S Thanks Simon for the pictures, i told you i would put it to good use.


Our Video Of The Month -Mode9 -Cry

Being trying to write a review for this for the last few hours and cant put anything concrete on paper.Still tryimg to figure out why that is, and i guess its because we really want to do justice to it.Mode 9 totally kills this and leaves you in awe at his lyrical depth.

Unlike a few Nigerian Mcs i could think off every single word actually makes sense and if you totally get the lyrics of the song it would almost leave you in tears beacause the words are so touching.

So enjoy the video Nubians, we are officially back.

Generation Nubian Rocks
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